Apr. 4th, 2017

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So people are leaving lj, and I see why. But my lj has been a mirror site for my blog (www.marissalingen.com/blog/ !) for awhile now, so I guess my question is: how many of you only read blogs on Dreamdwidth? (That is, not independent blogs?) My sense of the matter is that the community that used to exist on lj has not reconstituted itself on dw, so I would like to know how much point there is to mirroring my blog on dw rather than just going on with the blog I already have.

Reading is a different question; I have been reading my dw circle and intend to continue doing so. So this is not a question of will I see you. It's whether you will see me.
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Like many of you, I do not intend to follow Russian law regarding what minors can and cannot read about, nor do I feel that having an "adult content" marking works for me as what I have is a fundamental disagreement about appropriateness rather than a willingness to acknowledge that I am being in some way inappropriate.

So. What I would like to know is: how many of you are happy to read blog posts on non-syndicated sites? How many of you are reading Dreamwidth? And how many of you are just not going to read any content that is not on Livejournal?

My blog is at http://www.marissalingen.com/blog/ My question is whether I should bother mirroring it to my DW account or just give up on these sites completely. Having an RSS feed syndicated to DW is a middle ground option I would also be happy to hear opinions on. Or other thoughts. Whatever. Speak, friends, and...well, don't enter, but hang around a bit somewhere?

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