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1. I don't have my singing voice back, but I have most of my speaking voice mostly back. So that's a good thing. I have this stupid cold on the run enough that I can, y'know, do stuff. I like stuff and the doing of it. I'm crazy that way.

2. In other news, the electricity is back to all parts of the house, and the mistakes of the last electrician have apparently been rectified, hurrah. This basement-finishing job: it looks to me as though the bits we will see take far less time than the bits we won't see. I hope I'm not wrong on that, or we will be another twelve million years in getting the drywall up.

3. It's been snowing here since before I woke up. A few hours ago, the plow and the mail delivery came through at the same time, attempting to pass each other multiple times within our small cul-de-sac. They looked like a mechanized Three Stooges routine. I do not mean this as a compliment. Our driveway guy has not been here yet. That is such a hopeful "yet," sitting right there. I don't really know how to articulate how I want him to do his job differently. Perhaps he'll come along and clear just around the time the snow is stopping, and I won't want him to do his job differently at all this time. One can hope.

4. When I went to let the dog out, she looked out in the snow, and then she looked up at me like, "Okay, monkey, there's a difference between funny once and funny all the time."

5. We are now owners of a startling share of the world's supply of chocolate, hot (or, more to the point, potentially hot) and otherwise. Eeeeexcellent. Now with only four hundred and six more steps, my plan for word domination will be complete.

Oh, there's supposed to be an l in that? Hmm. This may require substantial alterations to the said plans.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 12:45 pm
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+ Tiny dusting of snow!!! I will take it. It's better than no snow.

+ Concert last night: good good good. Antje Duvekot opened, and WPA was the main act. Definitely worth my time and energy and money to see. Also it was a grown-up concert at the Cedar, which means chairs to sit in and a concert that starts on time. Hurrah. Duvekot said it was her worst set ever. If this is the case, she is a candidate for best worst set ever.

+ Pepparkakor dough in a minute. Cookie Day tomorrow. Yay! First Cookie Day with Grandma in town to share it! Yay!

- People. Nobody is tone death. Some people are tone deaf. Tone death would be some kind of superpower; I'm pretty sure you only wish that the person in your office who cannot sing but does so anyway would die a tone death. One problem with teaching children to spell phonetically is that some of them do not enunciate for sour owl crap, and spend their time around other people who do not enunciate for sour owl crap.

- Online clothing retailers, seriously: size first, color second. When does anybody ever say, "Well, I totally want the purple one, but I don't care which of the six sizes is available?" This is an instance where size very much matters. You do not buy your 2XL aunt or your XS aunt an M sweater because M is what the retailer has and you like that sweater. If you do, you are being stupid and should stop.

- DVD manufacturers: stop putting an infinite repeat sound loop on the menu screen. It makes perfect sense to put the DVD in and go somewhere else to do laundry, put something in the oven, etc. while the warnings and disclaimers are playing. Nobody who is up to their elbows in clean, dry towels finds the experience enhanced by the same thirty seconds of your theme song over and over again. Just stop.

+ wins.

Feb. 4th, 2009 07:17 pm
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+ I made up a sauce recipe for dinner.

- It was unexpectedly vile.

+ But if you need to make the flavor of SweetTarts candy at home from all-natural ingredients, I now know how this can be accomplished.

- It was fine until I squoze the lime in, I think. And usually I like lime, so I really don't know how this happened.

+ Also, [ profile] markgritter liked it.

+ Also, I didn't put it directly on the scallops while cooking them, so [ profile] timprov and I could substitute a ginger sauce at the last minute.

+ Moss Roberts translation is much better than previous translation for Three Kingdoms.

- I begin to see how it is relevant that China is much, much bigger than Iceland, Finland, France, or anywhere else I've read epics from: more people. Lots more people.

+ There will be hockey while I think about all these Three Kingdoms people and try to keep them straight.

+ There will be ice cream while I watch hockey.

+ I performed the Writer Trick today: I went to the bank to deposit a check, so naturally another check arrived in the mail.

- Still have messed-up ears and nose from this stupid cold.

+ Physical therapist says this cold is taking forever in everybody, so it's not just me.

- PT still kind of sucked, more than it would have if my ears were okay.

++++++++ We are switching me to doing PT every other day.


Jan. 6th, 2009 01:16 pm
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My primary e-mail (, not gmail) is receiving but not allowing me to send. In fact, it appears to be eating the things I have attempted to send, including one longish epistle. This is not the most pleasing event ever, though of course I am quite capable of coming up with ways it could be worse without breaking a sweat. The resident networking systems expert and I have scowled at it and determined that any of a number of things could be wrong with it, none of which are fixable on our end. Bah. Bah, I say! Also possibly harumph.
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1. My mom, who is a hero of the revolution, trimming all of our front bushes for us. Big task out of our hair! (And since she was going home to shower, I assume it's out of hers now, too.) Yay!

2. Really good cucumber on my lunch salad. Hey, I didn't say they had to be big good things.

3. Managing to keep my temper with a friend long enough to remember that there were really good reasons why I should cut her slack.

4. Being cut slack myself.

5. New framed [ profile] komododaikon photo on my office wall.

6. The extreme Swedishy Swedishness of this library book. Oh my goodness. It actually noted that if you read between the lines of one euphemism, you could discern...and then the thing you could discern was another euphemism. In other spots it is completely blunt about things American writing is not generally blunt about. Just in summary: very, very Swedish.

7. 1K of The True Tale of Carter Hall, with potential for more this evening.

8. Finishing figuring out the rest of the revisions for What We Did to Save the Kingdom, so now they are in tiny bite-sized pieces, and might be done in the available chunks of computer time while the vertigo gets bad. Maybe. You never know.

9. Finding a glimmer of hope that all of my behaving as though I can get somewhere with this...might mean that I can get somewhere with this.

10. Mango sorbet with dark chocolate bits on it. Nom.

Your turn.
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Having a well-fitting, comfortable brassiere, a string of very shiny stones, and warm socks on (along with assorted other garments and adornments) does not fix everything. In fact, it fixes hardly anything.

Still nice, though.


Jan. 7th, 2008 04:37 pm
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I don't know about you, but this makes my day better.

Other day-brighteners include Godiva's dark-chocolate-covered dried raspberries and the dog's Igor platypus toy. And making slow but definite progress on a couple of things.

How about you? What's brightened your day?
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The lussekatter, you will recall, eventually did rise. Hurrah. But my favorite music box is broken and the meringues won't mer, and I have given up. No meringues this year. I have made them a dozen times, and it always went better than this. I think the cream of tartar is old, and I will get new cream of tartar next year, and we will have meringues then. But this morning it is not Solstice, and it's not Christmas Eve, and I accept defeat. No meringues. Also no driving my dad mad with the music box when he comes to fetch me for our Christmas Eve outing. It will still be Christmas without those things. I know that. I'm still not pleased with them. I think I can be allowed to have a merry Christmas and not be merry about a few things in specific.

(Two notes: these are not just any meringues, so going out and buying me random bakery meringues absolutely will not help and will probably make me miserable instead. Also, I am an experienced baker and know what to try to fix things like meringues that won't mer, and none of it worked, and so now is not the time to poke your nose in suggesting that what I really ought to have done to make the meringues go was ______. Thanks.)

I mean, I could sing "Jingle Bells" in a really annoying nasal voice, and it would probably also drive my dad nuts, but it just wouldn't be the same. The point is not to drive my dad nuts at random. That's not how this goes. It's to pull the string on the music box. To no avail, and [ profile] markgritter tried fixing it and did not manage it, in such a way that I think this music box has reached the end of its tinny, annoying, beloved lifespan.

Also I still can't lean on my left elbow without the pain shooting up my arm, and it was ten days ago that I had that fall, and sure, I've had others since, but not on that elbow. Bah.

Pretty soon my relentless good cheer and bloody-minded optimism will come flooding back to me. But now would be a good time to tell me a few of your favorite things.

Here, I'll start:
1. [ profile] gaaldine's evil laugh in its tiny breathy evil juggernaut glory.
1a. When [ profile] gaaldine is laughing evilly because she's being evil to [ profile] the_overqual. That enhances the experience so much.
2. Godkids and niecelet, together again for the first time.
3. Icelandic Christmas goblin in the mail (thanks, A.!).


Nov. 22nd, 2007 11:57 am
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I am the most decadent holiday person ever. I am drinking a cup of the Really Good Hot Chocolate, the stuff that's dark and lovely and sounds like rain when you pour the cocoa into the milk, and I am working on a book that is not the book I'm working on. And is not, in all likelihood, the book I will write next. But it's the book that's been poking out of my brain all week.

Bad brain. No biscuit.

But I have lefse and pie, so what do I need with biscuits? Onwards, bad brain! Onwards!
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What I wanted this year -- what I have wanted every year since I became verbal -- was snow on Thanksgiving. And I got it. Only a dusting, not enough to cover the grass, but still, it's an early Thanksgiving this year; any snow is bonus snow. My grandfather's health has improved drastically in the last ten days, with every indication that this is to be a lasting improvement; we have plenty of pie; and the porch roof is covered with snow. If that's not good, I don't know what is.

The world continues to be so full of a number of things. Thank you for being one of those things, and for exposing me to more of them.
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Things About Which I Am Enthusiastic


Okay, not real snow. But flurries. Enough flurries that a skiff of snow was blowing around on the road.

I am so pleased.

2. Most of the people I saw this weekend. Extremely enthusiastic. Yay, other monkeys. New monkeys! Previously known monkeys! Go, monkeys!

3. Space to be introverted. Go, immediate lack of monkeys!

4. That Orange Stuff (made by [ profile] tnh). Wow. Layered and complex and astonishing. And with a kick like an entire team of army mules who were Clydesdales on their grandmother's side. I kept telling people about the orange stuff. It was noteworthy.

5. The hot chocolate at Mrs. London's down the street from the hotel. Bitter. Very fine. See also: brioche with vanilla custard and chocolate chips; farm bread with fennel sausage, stinky cheese, and arugula. Go, Mrs. London's. They made a travel day culinarily noteworthy in the good direction.

6. Mmmyyyyy precious. I will try to get a picture. One link broke when I went to take it off in security (and that was ridiculous anyway, but whatever), but next time I have tea with [ profile] elisem I will ask her to fix it. It is called "The Day She Stopped Waiting," and it is so shiny.

7. Big piles of books on my desk, whee!

8. My book, the revisions to which I will start typing tonight or tomorrow. Book! Still looking interesting and fixable! Yay, book!

9. Being home.

10. Having gotten to be somewhere not-home that was pretty kind to me. (I've heard others didn't have that experience. I'm sorry.)

11. Hot water poodle on my lap.

Things About Which I Am Less Enthusiastic

1. Post-flight vertigo. Bah.

2. Post-travel laundry. Bah again.
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Despite waking up for an hour or so in the middle of the night too dizzy to sleep, I went back to sleep, and woke up rested and non-dizzy!

The box of Ha'penny and A Chosen Few and my first Mammals CD and [ profile] timprov's Dar Williams DVD arrived!

Non-dizzy means that very soon I will be baking a cake! Because I knew you were coming! So I'm baking a cake! How-de-do, how-de-do, how-de-do! Well, for some limited values of "you," anyway!

I think we've figured out our charity budget for the year, and that means I get to give money to people who will put it to excellent uses artistic, scientific, and humanitarian!

Being not-dizzy when I feared I would be dizzy sometimes goes to my head. But not in a dizzying sort of way. Just in a "using up the exclamation mark quota for the rest of the year" sort of way.
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In the context of another thing completely, a friend just asked me how things were around here. And I had to stop and think, and you know what? They're pretty good, thanks for asking.

I just thought I'd say.

And how are you?
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Josh Ritter in concert is good. Good recording artists don't always mean good performing artists, but Josh Ritter is having an awfully good time on stage, and so are the guys who play with him. I expect that I'll want to get to future shows of his, and [ profile] timprov and [ profile] elisem seemed to have similar reactions.

In other news yesterday, I remembered when I was walking the dog that I got my first glasses in the fall. I remember what a revelation it was that you could see the individual leaves on trees, that they weren't just a blur of one color with sometimes shading into others. I appreciate that again every fall. I know that sounds all breathy and rose-colored, but it doesn't hurt to remember that some things actually are pretty nice, all things considered.

I've been trying to revise one stupid short story -- all right, it's not stupid, and that's the problem: if it was stupid, I could trunk it and walk away. But anyway, I've been trying to revise this same story for quite awhile, and I've gotten a phrase here and a paragraph there and gone back and redone some of the redone phrases and paragraphs. The time it has been sitting here waiting for me is far out of proportion to its length. (Far. No, really. Farther than that. Very far.) And then yesterday while I was standing looking at a stand of poplars gone yellow and waiting for the dog to finish adequately sniffing a particularly fascinating clump of grass, there was a plot point neatly wrapped and tied with a bow, wholly relevant and fitting the spot where something needed to go, and all of a sudden the story looked un-stupid again. And also the book revisions continue going well, so in general I am very cheerful about revising. Which is most of the writing work I'm doing for the next few days, so good cheer in that area is pretty meaningful in the rest of my life, so...good then. Definitely good.
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The day is officially allowed to get better from here. On the up side, it's more or less scheduled to do so.

Tell me something good along the way.
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You remember how I was talking about trying to see things as opportunities rather than obligations?

You would need a really big mallet to get more opportunities into my life right now, is the thing. Even just the ones that are entirely self-generated and have nothing to do with real, life, interactive other people.

Here are some recent opportunities:

I had the opportunity to learn (from a very small friend) a song featuring the chorus construction, "Wait a minute -- we're fish! We don't have to ______." Of course, my brain says, "Wait a minute -- we're fish! We don't have to figure out which novel to write next."

I had the opportunity to walk a very happy small dog and a moderately happy big [ profile] timprov over to the library and back.

I had the opportunity to read the first several chapters of a book I recently drafted, and to discover that while they need revision in several particulars, they are not irredeemably sucky and do not make me want to moan and howl and hide under the desk until the big bad book goes away. And that, in fact, some of the problems with these chapters and some of the things I was hoping to manage to do in the next draft line up rather nicely. This opportunity will continue for many, many more chapters.

I had the opportunity to clean the new front steps in preparation for waterproofing them. Better living through chemistry usually sounds more interesting than this, but since doing it will give me the opportunity not to have to pay for new steps again in another couple of years from not taking care of these, all right, opportunity recognized.

I had the opportunity to review our bank's procedure for when several thousand dollars of deposit goes awry. Fun fun!

I had the opportunity to do something very silly that will (I hope!) make a friend laugh a great deal next time she comes here, so we will have to see about making that latter opportunity happen.

You will please excuse me, as I have the opportunity to fall over soon.
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1. Concrete steps! Concrete apron for where the driveway meets the garage! Jaunty yellow caution tape surrounding the said steps and apron! The concrete people showed up bright and early this morning, and by the time I was making my lunch, they were gone. This means that anyone who drops by my house in the next 24-48 hours should not walk on the steps, but anyone who comes around after that is certainly invited to do so.

2. A confirmation number for my WFC hotel reservation! Whew. I had made my reservation online and saved it in e-mail, and then I could not find it. Not anywhere. And that hotel is booked, and so is the first overflow hotel, and I have heard reports that the second overflow hotel was as well (no confirmation on that). So the phrase, "'re not in the system..." kept running through my head. So I called and got my confirmation number, hurrah for peace of mind. Also I got tickets into the Albany airport. Heaven knows how I will get from Albany into Saratoga Springs. Life is full of mysteries. Worst-case scenario is renting a car and driving myself, so it turns out that the worst case is rather bearable. As many worst cases not involving ninjas are.

3. A very lovey bop who helps write books! And appointments for her yearly vet check and her considerably-more-than-yearly haircut.

4. An idea of how to finish Chapter 22! And with it a bit of history that will not go in the book but may come in useful later.

5. A plan for the rest of the day after that!
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One rejection. I've managed to slip in some short story work this week without harming the focus on the novel, which is nice. I'd like to have a few more stories making the rounds.

I got copies of these today to give to a rather small percentage of my relatives. Haven't gotten my contributor's copies yet, but I saw that Amazon had them in stock, and I had some hopes that they'd arrive while the Swedes were still here. (Didn't, obviously, but I have some other things to put in a package to send over there anyway.) Ahh, the magic of glue.

I'm hoping for books for my birthday, because my to-read pile is now nonexistent: I'm in the middle of the last book that was on it. There's at least one thing on [ profile] markgritter's pile I haven't read yet, and of course there is plenty of potential for rereading, with the books we have around here. I won't go into text starvation mode. But -- still, no books on my to-read pile! Astonishing!
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One acceptance. No rejections. Whee!

I didn't get around to posting books-read at the end of June, so I'm just doing it now with books from mid-June until the present moment, and I'll do now through the end of July later.

books read since mid-June )
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One rejection. And I need to find time to send that story back out again -- not sure where it's going, is the problem -- but now is not that time. We have company now and will until July 5, varying somewhat over that time. It's all good company, but don't expect a lot of posting until after July 5.

Also I am missing some other social functions I would otherwise have liked to attend, but the world is full of wonderful things. Even when I can't share them with you, I hope you're enjoying them yourselves.

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